Optimize!2020 a Success, 80 Experts Provide E-Sign & E-Security Insights



Optimize!2020, RPost’s global (virtual) user conference, was a fast-paced event designed to help RMail and RSign users and friends optimize e-sign and e-security with rich features and affordability—all at scale.

The virtual conference had 10 to 20-minute panels stacked with experts throughout the day – customers and experts providing their tech insights as to how they have optimized e-sign and e-security through automation, integration, advanced features – all with affordability in mind.

“Optimize!2020 was quite refreshing, as each topic was discussed in a way that kept the conversation lively — without scripted presentations — providing many different viewpoints towards the overall topic of e-sign and e-security needs of feature-rich plus affordability,” states panelist Volker Sommerfeld, product director, Frama.

The conference brought together 80 customer speakers across industries and geographies. Experts joined from around the world — from the Americas – north and south, the United Kingdom, the Nordics, Central Europe, South Africa and Australia.

“Hearing the confidence in customer-panelists from all different industries and regions of the world as they described their reliance on RMail and RSign for years was calming for those of us looking to do more with e-sign and e-security automation,” adds Sommerfeld.

Brand-name companies had staff offer their insights as to how they have optimized e-sign and e-security technologies – companies such as Allianz, Coca Cola, Xerox, Tata, Jungheinrich, Mercury Insurance, Impellam, as well as many others in a wide range of industries, including financial services insurance, law, real estate, healthcare and many more.

The interactive agenda, focused on feature-rich plus affordability, integrating and automating easy and complex processes, as well as democratizing e-sign and e-security services so that companies can affordably scale use in every part of their organization.

And, with so many RMail & RSign updates announced at Optimize!2020, the live ask-me-anything (AMA) sessions and the live demo rooms will continue to be open. They are now open for live interaction with our experts.

Re-live Optimize!2020 in digestible 10 to 20-minute recorded segments or bring your whole team into a live AMA expert session or specialist Demo Room.

All you need to do is:

Enter the conference centerCLICK TO ENTER
Once inside, click the Registration tab for instant access, then:

    • Enter the Main Stage to re-live main e-sign and e-security sessions;
    • Enter the Breakout room to re-live industry and regional experts sessions;
    • Enter the Breakout room to register for AMA Fridays live sessions; and/or
    • Enter the Demo Rooms to one-click schedule one-on-one product demos.

RPost has kept the Optimize!2020 virtual conference center open for you, so please go ahead and share this with your team. Click here to enter the virtual conference center to re-live RPost’s global e-sign and e-security user conference.

Mid-Year Product Release: Major RSign & RMail Product Enhancements Showcased at Optimize!2020


Exclusive! At Optimize!2020 virtual RPost user conference: RMail & RSign Ask Me Anything (AMA) and Demo Room product sessions to showcase major releases – a must attend for power users, digital transformation and IT staff, and MSPs supporting e-sign and e-security.

To assist with rapid remote-work changes in business operations, RPost teams listened to customers and accelerated product enhancements – designed to optimize automation, integration, and remote work experiences.

At our Optimize!2020 global (virtual) user conference, we have set up breakout Ask-Me-Anything product expert tracks. We encourage RSign and RMail power users, IT and digital transformation staff, and partners, to join these sessions to prepare so your teams can enjoy these innovations elegantly designed to help optimize operations, security, and compliance — think feature-rich with affordability for scale.

In RPost’s new virtual conference center, look for our Ask Me Anything sessions or our personalized Demo Rooms, both designed to showcase new releases and address your product questions:

  • RMail for Outlook: Major release, includes predictive technology to automate user training, security, and compliance, as well as expanded built-in e-sign functionality, new user interface design for email encryption, and more advanced settings and configuration options.
  • RMail & RSign for Lawyers: Major release integrating the best of RMail + RSign + DocsCorp’s cleanDocs metadata cleaning, recipient address checking, and iManage/Opentext connectors.
  • RMail for Xerox: New joint release with Xerox, the first-ever scan-to-encrypt email button added to print-scan-copy machines for HIPAA & GDPR privacy compliance for banks, health care, and others.
  • RMail & RSign for Salesforce.com: Major release, with an entirely new design stemming from the original RPost app, now two comprehensive apps, one focused on security, e-delivery proof and compliance (RMail) and the other focused on advanced e-sign and forms automation (RSign).
  • RSign Extranet: New design to connect networks for business partners to support complex process, forms, API and privacy requirements for high volume e-sign use among a network of business partners, customers, and/or suppliers (think e-prescriptions).
  • RForms: Major update in web forms, static link use, pre-fill, and back-fill of data.
  • APl Automation: Major RSign & RMail API updates with endless possibilities for any integration, including advanced integrations with flexible options, bulk Registered Encryption for life sciences, safety, and pricing communications, and more.
  • RMail Gateway: Major update, now connects seamlessly to automate the best in email encryption user simplicity and automated compliance for most CRM systems, including Applied Systems and Vertafore hosted email.

Join Optimize!2020 to learn about these RMail & RSign major product updates designed to assist in today’s remote business environment. Optimize!2020 is all about democratizing e-sign and e-security services so that companies can affordably scale use in every part of their organization; without need to ration, due to concern for cost.

DocsCorp and RPost Release their Integration for Powerful New E-signature and Email Security Workflows


cleanDocs users can now access RMail security and compliance, and RSign e-signature features directly from the application’s Outlook interface.

LONDON and LOS ANGELES – June 12, 2020 – DocsCorp, a leading provider of enterprise productivity solutions, together with RPost, the global leader in secure and certified electronic communications, today released the integration announced in March.

cleanDocs users can start using RSign e-signature and RMail email security features directly from the application’s interface. These are in addition to cleanDocs’ powerful capabilities, including metadata cleaning and email recipient checking. The products’ predictive technologies simplify the user experience for both senders and receivers of sensitive emails and documents.


RPost and DocsCorp security features – in a single application

Features from both RMail and RSign from RPost will be available inside cleanDocs. RMail specializes in security and compliance, with its top-rated email encryption, auditable proof of privacy compliance, certified e-delivery, e-signature, and specialized anti-whaling email impostor protection services. RSign is a fully-featured web-based e-signature platform. It makes it easy to sign documents using any desktop or mobile web browser in an intuitive, guided process.

The base RPost subscription for cleanDocs clients is free and allows five emails to be sent via RMail, and three documents to be signed with RSign per month. To help during the COVID-19 pandemic, RPost has increased this number to 500 RMail and 200 RSign messages for cleanDocs integration users.


Global interest in e-signature services has more than doubled

The closure of offices in countries affected by the COVID-19 pandemic has made paperless workflows essential to many. People who relied on the office printer and scanner to sign and return a document now must complete this process digitally. Google searches for the term ‘e-signature’ have increased by 171% worldwide in the past three months.

DocsCorp has partnered with RPost to integrate, promote and sell its two e-signature services. RSign and RMail e-signatures by RPost® have been used by governments and businesses globally for over a decade.


RMail® E-Sign provides a simple option to send any document for signoff without the need to set up or prepare document fields. This saves time and makes e-sign an “attach-to-email-and-send” process. This is part of the RMail offering.


RSign® offers a highly configurable user interface, shareable templates, template rules and dependencies, custom workflows, real-time reporting, and much more. It also features a robust authenticatable audit trail embedded in the e-sign record to support compliance.

“After a disruptive shift to work-from-home in March and April, the world is trying to get back to the office. Managers are looking for ways to optimize processes to make this transition an easy one. This product combination we’re delivering does just that by improving processes through automation,” stated RPost CEO, Zafar Khan. “Organizations can no longer afford to ration the use of e-signature services – they need these services for broad sets of people. DocsCorp and RPost hit the mark with cleanDocs, RMail, and RSign together, making the best affordable for all.”

“Combining the features of cleanDocs, RMail, and RSign together in the same interface ensures our customers can work quickly and securely; reducing the risk of human error while adding enterprise security and electronic signature functionality to help meet compliance requirements,” commented Joe Combs, Partnerships and Global Alliances Director at DocsCorp.


See the integration at OPTIMIZE! 2020: eSign and eSecurity

Sign up for the virtual conference and join our sessions to discover how cleanDocs and RPost integration will deliver safer, smarter emailing. The conference will consist of Main Stage, Breakout, and Panel sessions on a variety of topics relating to eSign, e-Security, and e-Authentication technologies. Speakers include product experts for Microsoft Office 365, Security Gateway, and Salesforce.com. Go to the event page to learn more.


About DocsCorp

DocsCorp designs easy-to-use software and services for document professionals who use enterprise content management systems. We provide solutions for metadata removal, document processing, PDF manipulation, and document comparison. DocsCorp is a global brand with customers located in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and beyond. Find out more at docscorp.com or follow us on LinkedInTwitterFacebookand Blog


About RPost

RPost is the global leader in secure and certified electronic communications with its patented e-delivery proof, encryption, and e-signature technologies. Millions of users have enjoyed RPost services for more than a decade in more than 100 countries. Built on RPost’s award-winning and time-tested RMail® and RSign® platforms, RPost’s products are often part of HealthTech, FinTech, and LegalTech initiatives to improve operations, add more cybersecurity, simplify privacy compliance, and digitize workflows with e-signatures. RMail specializes in security and compliance, with its top-rated email encryption, auditable proof of privacy compliance, and certified e-delivery services. RSign makes e-signatures and digitizing workflows simple and affordable. Our largest customers are some of the world’s most respected brands, across industry and geography. www.rpost.com


Press Contact:

Kerry Carroll
Global Marketing Manager
E: Kerry.carroll@docscorp.com
T: +61 (0) 2 8270 8500

Announcing OPTIMIZE! 2020 RPost’s Global (Virtual) Conference


RPost announces its June 18 Global User & Partner Conference, OPTIMIZE! 2020: E-SIGN & E-SECURITY. This conference is 100% Live Virtual–with Las Vegas-themed cash giveaways every hour totaling $5,000.

After a disruptive shift to work-from-home in March and April (and as the world today tries to get back to the office), managers are looking for ways to optimize everything. This conference shares, using a heavy user-story panel format, how peer companies are optimizing processes, automation, and e-sign and e-security affordability.

“Organizations can no longer afford to ration use of e-signature services with concern for cost – they need feature-rich but more affordable options, so broad sets of people in their organizations can modernize processes,” states product director Volker Sommerfeld of Frama, an international managed service provider and conference sponsor.

“It’s time to democratize the e-sign and e-security tools that have become essential in today’s socially distanced world. The goal of this conference is to share opportunities to automate that are within reach. Minor adjustments can bring major benefits,” adds RPost CEO Zafar Khan.

OPTIMIZE! 2020 was inspired by many of RPost’s customers and partners who have enjoyed the benefits of RPost’s free work-from-home program and are now asking for guidance on how to best optimize e-signature, email encryption, Registered Email™ track & prove, e-security automation, and other technologies.

Business executives are planning to attend to understand the “art of the possible”. Technology and procurement leaders are joining to identify affordable new e-sign and e-security automation techniques that staff and clients will enjoy. All are interested in what peers are implementing for more elegant user experiences, feature-richness with affordability, and interconnecting systems.

Speakers include leaders in their industries or regions – great companies like Allianz, Xerox, Ingram Micro, Impellam, Jungheinrich, Global Micro; numerous law, insurance, health care, financial services, real estate/title, property management/storage and others; industry platforms like DocsCorp, Fern, Resware, VISMA, and more. There will also be industry-expert special guest speakers like Steve Anderson, who are well respected in their focus industries and geographies as well as product experts for Microsoft Office 365, Security Gateway, and Salesforce.com.

Specialty panels are spread through the day to accommodate both European and Americas time zones–including US-centric breakouts by industry and country expert breakouts in local languages.

OPTIMIZE! 2020 may be virtual, but that does not mean it won’t be fun. In fact, RPost will be giving away $5,000 in cash with winners picked every hour, culminating in European and Americas-time zone (BYOB) Virtual Receptions. Avoid the hassles (and dangers) of airports and hotels this summer and attend this e-sign & e-security conference that will give you many meaningful new insights.

There are currently only 10,000 virtual seats, so click here to reserve your spot while space is available.

Technologists Think RSign, With E-Sign Searches up 500%


April marks a new phase of global work-from-home migration, as businesspeople are now tasked with powering through crisis anxieties to keep the economy moving. It is the spirit of those who make the extra effort to help their clients in times like these who should be applauded — millions of insurance, property, financial, health care, law, and accounting professionals and their firms along with business and government workers of all kinds, everywhere.

In April, web searches for ‘e-signatures’ surpassed searches for ‘web meeting services’ and all other searches other than ‘telehealth’. TrustRadius research also reported searches for these terms each surged more than 500% in April.

Responding to this trend, Ingram Micro, the world’s largest technology distributor, Frama, a leading pan-European service provider, and SoftwareOne, the world’s largest software lifecycle management firm, have all showcased RSign e-signatures front-and-center for their customers, service providers and partners.

“RPost and Ingram Micro Cloud, working together, are bringing us the products our clients need in this current business climate,” states Bob Appleby of PAconnect, a Pennsylvania-based managed service provider. “For affordable and full featured e-sign, we think RSign. For simple to use email encryption, we think RMail. We can get both with a few clicks for our clients through our Ingram Micro Cloud relationship.”

According to TrustRadius research, service providers, technology consultants, and businesses nearly everywhere are searching for e-sign services now. Thanks to Ingram Micro, Frama, and SoftwareOne uniting with RPost, those needing affordable, full featured, and world class e-sign services can put the best only a few clicks away from staff wherever they are working and for whatever templatized forms and workflows they need to digitize.

  • Ingram Micro CloudBlue has now released its listing of RSign and RMail products by RPost in 52 countries. Service providers using CloudBlue or the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplaces can request RMail & RSign by RPost with a few clicks to make them available for their clients in each market. The new Ingram Micro Go-To-Market Hub now makes it easier for MSPs to create RSign and RMail materials for their clients. (View the CloudBlue catalog for a list of countries and regions). Contact RPost if you do not see your country or need assistance accessing via Ingram Micro.
  • SoftwareOne has made RSign and RMail available in its 90 operating countries for enterprise customers and their partners who are looking for the most affordable e-sign service to scale e-sign and digitized workflow operations. Contact RPost for support navigating the SoftwareOne community.
  • Frama has listed RSign and RMail in eight European countries with local experts to support workflow or product discussions. Start with Frama’s free Home Office offering, which is helping Europeans in these challenging economic conditions.

“We at Frama have placed RSign and RMail with thousands of clients through our UK, Europe and Nordic teams and partners. Our local market-specific expertise helps enterprise customers and those managed service providers master compliance and digital transformation where-ever they require hands on e-sign and e-security knowledge,” adds Volker Sommerfeld of Frama. “We help with best practices to digitize their workflows with e-signatures, security, and compliance in mind. RSign and RMail provide the foundational tools; our experts help clients and MSPs get the most benefit from these tools and the integration into their workflows.”

Each of the above RPost partners have integrated both the technology and the business of RSign and RMail to manage contracts, pricing, ordering and provisioning — with RPost teams additionally supporting clients and partners as needed.

“All businesses today need to be thinking about arming their staff with tools to do more; time, resource, and cost efficiently,” adds RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “We hear new clients are starting e-sign projects with RSign or switching to RSign for the best and most affordable long-term solution.”

More Tools Now in E-Sign, E-Security (Free) WFH Program, Helping in Crisis Across 4 Continents


On March 16, as the Covid-19 crisis seemed to be spiraling out of control, RPost announced its E-Sign & E-Security (Free) Work-from-Home Program. RPost was among the very first companies to announce a truly free E-Sign and E-Security bundle that seamlessly works within Outlook, Gmail, Zimbra, and with mobile devices through any browser.

Users start with free RSign and RMail business licenses for use during this crisis and then can continue to use free at base service levels or optimize with other plans. On April 1st, this automatic upgrade for all remaining free users was rolled out.

This represents a great opportunity to put award-winning e-sign and e-security tools in the hands of more users now and at no cost.

While RPost’s e-sign and e-notary services have been popular productivity tools, there has been an increase in need for more e-security, in particular, email impostor, wire fraud, data leak protection, and HIPAA/GDPR compliant email encryption services.

As a result, RPost will be extending this free program, effective immediately to include these products:

  • RMail Gateway: Security gateway services, an e-security automation bundle.
  • RSign & RMail for Salesforce: Integrated e-sign, e-forms, email encryption, Registered Email™ certified proof, file share, and policy-based security automation.

IT providers and industry groups have united with RPost to help their clients with this e-sign and e-security work-from-home program. This coalition has grown to more than 50 IT providers and industry groups across four continents. And more keep joining.

This is a testament to the solidarity seen during this exceptional crisis – businesses helping businesses and friends helping friends everywhere.

If you or your organization need assistance getting started, are having trouble accessing your free RMail or RSign business licenses, or would like join this coalition, please fill the form here.


Click here if you are interested in following RPost from an investor perspective through its investor relations emails and briefings.

More than 10,000 New Customers Enrolled in RPost’s E-Sign & E-Security WFH Program in First Month



On March 16, as the Covid-19 crisis seemed to be spiraling out of control, RPost announced its E-Sign & E-Security (Free) Work-from-Home Program. RPost was among the very first companies to announce a truly free E-Sign and E-Security bundle that seamlessly works within Outlook, Gmail, Zimbra, Salesforce.com, and with mobile devices. Users start with RSign and RMail business licenses for use during the crisis, and they after can continue use free at base service levels.

A little over a week after release, IT providers around the world began to unite with RPost and its initiative so as to bring their clients an e-sign and security work-from-home readiness program that would be as minimally disruptive as possible given the growing crisis.

As of April 9, the list of IT providers keeps growing with participants across the Americas and Europe. This is a testament to the solidarity we are seeing in this exceptional crisis–businesses helping businesses and friends helping friends everywhere.

One of the earliest to embrace this initiative was Frama, an RPost pan-European partner. Since participating in this E-Sign & E-Security (Free) Work-from-Home Program, Frama has enrolled 12,000 of its business customers in the Netherlands and continues to add its customers across Europe.

“Our teams are working in overdrive to help our customers across Europe transition to a work-from-home environment, securely and efficiently,” remarks Volker Sommerfeld of Frama. “Our customers are thankful that we are making RSign and RMail free for them during this transition period; and we think they will continue thereafter as our customers will look for the best and affordable tools ongoing.”

Frama created short 2-minute How-To videos to help their thousands of clients see how to easily e-sign (watch video) and encrypt email (watch video) from home.

“We see RSign in especially high demand with its shared templates that make it easy for home workers to follow centrally managed policies and guidelines,” adds Sommerfeld. “We are helping our larger clients pick and choose the right RSign e-signature features to fit specific requirement, processes, and form complexity.” While RMail and RSign are free and instant to start using, businesses in Europe may connect with Frama experts in the UK, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, or Italy directly (find Frama experts for RMail or Frama experts for RSign).

This health crisis has also spawned a tremendous amount of new correspondence among banks and their clients — most of which must be sent encrypted. Eric Johnson AVP/IT Manager of First National Bank installed RMail into their Exchange email system to automatically convert all customer correspondence related to loans and account information to RMail encrypted email, using RMail Gateway and RMail for Outlook. The key was not only to automate email encryption but also to do so in a way that makes it easy for intended recipients and for our clients to one-click reply and return files encrypted.

Over 40 other companies have joined this RPost WFH coalition, including global technology providers SoftwareOne and Ingram Micro’s partners and industry organizations including the British Insurance Brokers Association, NetVu, and Applied Client Network among many others. (See who has joined the list here and contact us if you or your company are interested in joining this WFH coalition.).


Click here if you are interested in following RPost from an investor perspective through its investor relations emails and briefings.

RSign makes e-signing payroll protection program, loan applications, free and easy for bankers and their small businesses clients


More banking clients self-install RSign using RPost’s E-Sign & E-Security (Free) Work-from-Home Readiness Program to quickly, freely and easily e-sign Payroll Protection Program and other Loan applications. Industry organizations across sectors have joined RPost’s coalition to make their small business clients aware of these e-sign and e-security tools and how to access them free with RPost’s crisis software donation program (see who has joined).

All businesses in the United States are now applying for the CARES Act Payroll Protection Program (PPP) and other SBA loans. RPost’s E-Sign & E-Security (Free) Work-from-Home Readiness Program makes it free and easy for business executives to correspond back-and-forth with lenders and SBA Federal underwriters with their messages safely encrypted. In addition, they can e-sign PPP and other loan applications (click to see how easy, access RMail and RSign free).

More banks and credit unions start using RSign, RPost’s full featured e-signature platform, to support client loan applications.

“We’ve been using RSign mainly to sign loan agreements. We are using RMail for its email encryption, for compliance and to protect our member data,” states Mandy Wilcock, Chief Operating Officer of Manchester Credit Union. “RSign and RMail save us money as we don’t have to print, or post loan agreements, and it also speeds the whole process up, as we don’t have to wait for members to sign and post back.”

More banking platforms integrate RSign and RMail to make e-signatures, security, and compliance easy for their bank and credit union users.

John McGucken, Managing Director of Fern Software, has led the integration of RSign into Fern’s Abacus HUB Cloud platform for e-signing loan agreements, payroll deduction forms and account application forms. Fern is a global banking and credit union cloud platform with offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Other banking platforms have also integrated RSign, including Kesho, and RSign and RMail can be integrated into Saleforce.com with a few clicks, making e-sign inside CRM systems affordable for RPost banking and credit union customers in the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Europe.

More it providers unite behind RPost to bring their clients the free work-from-home readiness program from RPost


More IT Providers Unite to Bring their Clients Worldwide the E-Sign & E-Security (Free) Work-from-Home Readiness Program

When we announced RPost’s E-Sign & E-Security (Free) Work-from-Home Readiness Program on March 16, we were trying to do our part during this crisis. With this program, RPost aims to donate at no cost, millions of its award winning e-signature, email encryption, file sharing, and e-security software licenses to help our customers, friends, and their friends the world over in this exceptional health and economic crisis.

This is now much bigger than RPost. What started as an initiative for those who we could get the word out to has now become an informal coalition of businesses helping businesses, friends helping friends, and strangers helping strangers in every corner of the world.

We believe this crisis is unlike any we have experienced in modern times. Since we announced this RPost software (free) work-at-home readiness program, our partners — premier technology service providers and software makers the world over — have asked if they can join in this effort. We believe in helping those on the front lines and businesses everywhere of every type who are trying to do more with fewer resources – health care professionals, small companies and large, government staffers, educators, lawyers, investors, bankers, insurers, manufacturers, researchers, among others.

We collectively can help in our own way by providing e-sign and e-security software services at no cost to help those working from home do more with less time and with total security in mind.

Those isolated need tech tools too, some of which we can provide. We can help those who need to sign documents remotely do so with RSign® e-signatures. We can help everyone who needs to easily collaborate back-and-forth with experts, clients and remote staff knowing information privacy is protected with RMail® email encryption – even inter-office email when there is no VPN set up and with file size no worry with RMail large file sharing. We can help deliver required notices with certified proof of delivery using Registered Email™ messages – no need to have your staff risk their health with trips to the post office.

The growth of this informal coalition is representative of all those IT leaders who are inspired by the dedication and courage of the professionals combating the virus on the front lines everywhere. We are empowering those joining to be able to contribute in a tangible way, within their means and community. This ad-hoc collective of leaders is a beacon of hope — hope that this will be the world’s finest moment with everyone working together everywhere. It has to be.

We praise those organizations that have joined this informal RPost coalition. These organizations are helping in a way they can, by contributing (free) work-from-home technology tools (click to access), professional services time, or their network reach to empower remote workers in their efforts to combat this global health and economic crisis. Some of these compassionate organizations are listed below. If you would like to work through one of these entities, let us know or contact them directly and ask about this program.

Industry Groups, including:

British Insurance Brokers Association

Association of Professional Compliance Consultants

Marsh insurance Bluefin network and Purple networks

NetVu, Vertafore user insurance network

Applied Client Network, Applied Systems’ user insurance network

Insurance Agents & Brokers (IA&B) of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware.

Ten Insurance network

Bravo Group’s Broker Network UK insurance network

International Factoring Association

International, Cross Industry, including:

Ingram Micro partners from the Americas through the UK/Europe to Australia (RMailRSign)

SoftwareOne worldwide

Frama partners in United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg – to work with them directly in these countries with this program, click here: RMail or RSign.

Industry-Focused, including:

DocsCorp (law firms and corporate law departments) and its cleanDocs

Fern with their Abacus HUB Cloud platform (banks and credit unions)

Kesho (banks and credit unions)

RentMan (real estate)

VTUK (real estate)

DMI (medical)

Dental Technology Group (medical)

Managed Service Providers Everywhere, including:

Danastar (Denmark)

Ariston BPS (Germany)

Mindcentric (US, Zimbra and government focus)

Certicámara (Colombia)

Iowa IT Solutions (USA)

–Posture (USA)

Kennedy Computer Consulting (USA)

Larry the Computer Guy (USA)

–IT Management and Consulting (USA)

–WTC Services (USA)

ASG-365 (USA)

Ezetech (USA)

Magnolia Business Systems (USA)

SharkEye Tech (USA)

Reliant Data Solutions (USA)

Eastbay IT (USA)

Servi Asesores (Latin America)

ISG Software (USA)

PA Computer Connections (USA)

New Level Technology Consulting (USA)

Talon of NC (USA)

Madeira Networks (USA)

If you would like to join this informal coalition at no cost so as to help your customers, friends, and community fight and beat COVID 19 with the RPost contributed (free) E-Sign and E-Security Work-from-Home Readiness Kit, click here for more information.

RSIGN & RMAIL *FREE* Work-From-Home Program to Help End Users During Crisis


Letter from RPost CEO: End-User Work-from-Home Rapid Readiness Program

We believe this coming week will mark the largest global migration from work-in-office to work-from-home, ever. People will need to find ways to do more themselves, without the comfort of their support staff and office equipment. IT staff will be hard pressed to urgently get all their staff equipped to continue business from home.

To make things worse, cyber criminals appear to be looking to take advantage of all of the new opportunities to gain access to systems, information, and funds, according to the US Department of Homeland Security National Cyber Awareness System Alert.

We’re doing what we can to help our customers and friends everywhere. We’ve created a free Work-from-Home Rapid Readiness Program, which provides an e-signature, email security, and file sharing toolkit with RSign and RMail. With this program, RPost aims to donate, at no cost, millions of its award winning e-signature, email encryption, file sharing, and e-security software licenses to help customers, friends, and their friends during this exceptional health and economic crisis.

Even though RSign and RMail are highly affordable, we believe making these free for people everywhere in light of the pandemic will simplify life for IT and procurement staff, as they can put email security and e-signature services in the hands of all end-users now and optimize later.

With a 2-minute install into Microsoft Outlook or Gmail, or using our web apps, everyone is automatically enabled for RSign and RMail business licenses at no cost. Simple and fast — install from any RSign or Mail website or partner program worldwide.

RSign and RMail provide essential work-at-home tools:

  1. E-sign now: Need to sign yourself or need to get others to sign? Need forms filled and signed?
  2. Easy file sharing: Need to send a large or group of files to your team? Need to create a reusable shared link that will last 30 days or more?
  3. Track email opening: Need to see who is getting what, seeing what when, who is working when?
  4. Certify e-delivery: Need delivery proof – but don’t want to interact with the FedEx or USPS offices or staff?
  5. Simple-to-use-Privacy: Securely encrypt email with a simple enough user experience to facilitate back-and-forth interaction with staff and clients.
  6. Protect from Impostor Email: Protect your staff from the upcoming onslaught of hackers posing as you in sensitive emails.

This Program is available for our customers, partners, and their fiends everywhere. Let’s work together to put these essentials a click away from your business colleagues and friends in their homes.

You can find more detail and hear from our global product director at RPost’s website or simply get started and use RSign (click here) or RMail apps (click here) immediately with a business plan free, now (no credit card required).

FOR IT STAFF: One install can provide an entire package of e-security and e-productivity tools to save time. Users can easily self-install, or our team can assist with installation. (Click to install RSign or RMail.)

FOR IT PROCUREMENT: We know it takes time to work through business purchasing decisions. Due to the urgency, we have set up a process where your users can install and start using RSign and RMail business plans right away. They will operate under our online terms and conditions and at no cost through May or longer if needed. This gives you time to work through your procurement process over a reasonable timeframe while, at the same time, giving your users access to the tools they need today.

GET STARTED: End-users, IT staff or Procurement staff, click here to get started or learn more.