RMail®: Customers choose RMail® as it brings intuitive product experiences combined with two decades of design with attention to essential details of security and compliance.

Our customers tell us we are easy to work with and our products are feature-rich yet affordable. Each product element has unique differentiators.

RSign®: Customers choose RSign® as it is the simplest to use, contains all the features ever imagined, and is the most affordable enterprise grade electronic signature service.

Organizations can no longer afford to ration use of e-signature services with concern for cost – they need all the features in a more affordable manner for broad sets of people and many processes. RSign brings expansive enterprise-grade features at a lower cost; generally, less than half the cost of other full-service providers.

Our customers tell us we are easy to work with and our products are feature-rich yet affordable. RSign makes it easy to digitize workflows with e-signatures with a friendly customer success team to support process change. Whether the need is simple use to e-sign templates or automating very complex workflows among tens of thousands of business partners, RSign has every imaginable control available in settings or API, readily accessible.

Registered Email™ service: Customers choose the Registered Email™ service as it is the original and today’s worldwide standard for legal and verifiable proof of email delivery, message and attachment content and official timestamp, returning a self-authenticating and court-admissible Registered Receipt™ record for every message sent.

If the message record must stand up to scrutiny, customers the world over have relied on RMail’s Registered Email™ service for use in nearly every country for more than a decade. U.S. Government departments started using the Registered Email™ service nearly two decades ago and still rely on it today. The first international law firms and international governmental agencies began use a decade and a half ago and continue use today. With more than 50 patents granted in 22 countries, RMail’s Registered Email™ service indisputably has set the global standard while bringing in continuous innovation.