Meeting Today’s Challenges with E-Sign and E-Security. An Insurance Perspective.

Moderator: Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Today’s e-signatures are more than a signature. What are the most important elements of e-signature solutions, and how are users optimising user experience, automation, and affordability?

 Can email encryption be elegant? If so, aspects of email encryption make it elegant for users and easy on compliance?


  • My Benefits World, a financial services employee benefits management company that has optimised financial notifications sending Registered Email™ messages automated using the “domain extension” method, for administration of its paid benefits programmes including Life Assurance, Income Protection, Private Medical Insurance, Health Cash Plans and the Employee Assistance Programme.
    • David Casson, Director
  •, a British insurance and risk management firm that has optimised e-security, e-collaboration, and e-signatures using RMail for Outlook with all of its features, alongside Applied Systems.
    • Nick Elwell, Managing Director
  • Nova Insurance, a British Insurance Brokers Association member that has optimised e-sign and e-security using both within the RMail platform.
    • Hassan Soyer, Director