Room 2: Self Storage

Moderator: Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

    • Self-Storage Legal Network: Exclusive discussion with Self Storage Legal Network lawyers and industry experts on impact of COVID – auctions and remote electronic contract e-signing.
      • Scott Zucker, Legal Counsel to the Self-Storage Industry
      • Carlos Kaslow, Attorney
    • Storage Commander: International property management platform, focus on self-storage.
      • Kevin Kerr, Manager
    • Watkinsville Storage: Self storage operator.
      • Casey Evans, Manager
    • Prevails and Pitfalls of E-mail and Affordable E-Sign in the Self-Storage Industry
      • In this session, we’ll discuss the prevails and pitfalls self storage industry has encountered as it works to digitally transform operations. E-Signatures now need to be able to accommodate in-store and remote e-signing — and with everything electronic, must be affordable at scale. Email is quick, easy, and inexpensive. Paper, mail, certified mail, and managing mail green card receipts is cumbersome and expensive. Trends are to digitally transform operations. Better operations reduces operator costs, increases operator revenue and therefore increases operator overall enterprise value. Done right, proof of email notice delivery and recording e-consent can speed business, reduce cost, speed recovery of uncollectables, and speed resale of unresponsive space. Done wrong, without regard to compliance with state and federal lien, e-sign, and notification laws, may save time now but will likely cost big in the future. Learn from experts, platforms, and operators about what works and what to avoid.